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Here at Samawai Shisha, we are committed to creating the finest herbal shisha, with a focus on great flavor and maximum quality. Our herbal shisha, which is nicotine free and tobacco free, is created using our special proprietary formula made with traditional cane molasses. This unique blend is infused with Full Spectrum Hemp Oil for an unrivaled, smooth, and relaxing smoke. The inclusion of CBD results in a unique calming and relaxing effect. Our herbal shisha is grown, processed, and packaged here in the United States, ensuring we use only the upmost quality of ingredients for our consumers. Our strategic partnerships and alliances, has allowed us to produce a product that we are truly proud of.

Hookah or Narghile sessions are a communal gathering for many cultures. A time when people come together to unwind, discuss daily affairs, re-connect, meditate, or just simply hangout. At Samawi Shisha, we want you to enjoy these moments without the harmful effects that tobacco can bring, and with all the benefits of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil. With our wide selection of 8 mouth-watering flavors, there’s a enough variety for everyone to enjoy a premium product. We are constantly creating new flavors, so keep an eye out for our newest offerings.